International/Domestic Health Certificates

International Health Certificate

If you will be traveling overseas with your pet, you will need special paperwork. Dr. Nicole M. Andrews has the National Accreditation to issue International Health Certificates for your dogs or cats. This process is very detailed, and the following are steps you’ll need to complete before coming to our office.

  • Contact to research the specific requirements of the country you plan on visiting.
  • Contact the Consulate of the country you plan on visiting to confirm these requirements.
  • Contact your airline to find out if there are any additional terms of travel they may require.
  • Bring all documentation to our office when you bring your pet for the scheduled exam with Dr. Andrews. If your pet is a new client, bring copies of all medical records including vaccinations.

Each foreign country has specific requirements, including vaccinations, and the number of days prior to travel when they can be administered. In order to obtain the International Health Certificate in time for your scheduled trip, we strongly suggest that you call our office and start this process well before your travel date.